Health and Safety is an integral part of Handyman Station.

We follow Hygienic Standards however we recognise that more is needed to ensure everyone is as Covid Safe as possible. Therefore, all our Tradesmen are continuously updated on Covid-19 Guidelines and the best Hygiene Practices.

As part of our Covid-19 Standards we supply all Tradesmen with the following items:

– Hand Sanitizer

– Face Masks

– Boot Covers

– Wipes

Expectations of our Tradesmen:

– To Sanitize their hands prior to arrival in their vehicle (If you wish them to carry out further hand cleaning please ask them to do so where appropriate)

– Keep a safe distance from anyone within the property

– To wear shoe coverings or take off shoes on entering property

– On completion of work, wipe down surfaces

– Wash hands with soap and water

– Leave site clean and tidy

– Keep a safe distance and minimal physical contact whilst going through the Job Sheet

Please note: Where possible paper work will be kept to a minimum, however, we still use physical copies of Job Sheets for our records. Payments can be made as usual by Bank Transfer and other Contactless payment systems. We will still be accepting Cash or Cheque should you wish to make payment this way.